Honda coming up a Honda Concept M soon,  M is the meaning for Magnetism. This Concept M is the sleek and stylish Modulo and Mugen body kits on the Accord, Civic and Jazz ensure just that, and if you do find yourself behind the wheel, then you’ll experience another kind of attraction  it actually enhances your driving experience.

honda concept M

For this new Honda Concept M all things are special, these beauties are rare and come in limited numbers, for those who interested require to register and pre-book it here, you can receive email on the Honda Concept M after you register.

I register my self  to get some news letter from this Concept M, I am not going to get any of it at the moment because I just purchase my Honda Civic year ago. I am more interested to see how the Modulo and Mugen body kits for this coming Honda Concept M, especially for Civic.

Here some information On Honda Accord Concept M,Honda Civic Concept M and Honda Jazz Concept M.