As I mention in my previous post. I become a certified MDEC’s Trainer for eUsahawan program in 2018 before I venture in as a HRDF Trainer. Prior to join the HRDF train the trainer program, I have several training experiences as eUsahawan trainer. (Refer my previous post How I Become A MDEC Trainer)

Meantime, in 2019, I take part in the trainer the trainer program organize by PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad), a human resources ministry in Malaysia, certified as a HRDF trainer (Human Resource Development Fund) in June 2019. As a HRDF certified trainer, I am qualified to organize corporate training either directly with the corporate company or work together with HRDF appointed training provider to organize training based on my specialization. Example Digital Marketing Course is one of the program I specialize in.

So if you are a passionate person toward your industry, you have an expertise, a pleasant experience to share, willing to knowledge transfer to people who need? There are many people in the corporate world hunger for knowledge and willing to pay you, listen to you and learn from your subject matter. Well, if you know Chui Ling, you may listen what she say about HRDF trainer course.

So How To Become a HRDF Certified Trainer?

So would you like to become certified and accredited trainer with HRDF? Want to know how to become a HRDF certified trainer? You may join the trainer training program called trainer the trainer program (or TTT’s course), in train the trainer’s course, you will learn how to develop your own training program, to position yourself as a professional corporate trainer, include personal branding, how to market your training program and be seen as an expert in your industry.

During trainer the trainer program, you will learn topic such as how to plan adult learning, conduct training need analysis (TNA), how to design competency base training program & conduct competency based training program as well as asses participant’s competence.

Franky, it does not matter you are an engineer, salesperson, college lecture, a manager or even a retiree, as long as you have passionate to teach, you can join the train the trainer workshop, I would say anyone at least have 7 to 10 year working experience, you can become a HRDF certified trainer and help a lot people in your industry, become a recognize subject-matter expert.

Train the trainer presentation

Train the trainer’s course is a 5 day workshop, as the master trainer will guide you through some standard flow on how to create your own course, activity, group assignment and last day of the workshop, you have 15 minute to present any topic of your field base on the guideline given during the course.

In my choice of topic, I have 15 minute to present my subject matter, “The important of sales funnel” (refer picture above), during this last day, I also have a chance to see other’s participant presenting, and also topic of their choice. Is a salutary experience to learn from others, especially to know their expertise and their field.

Train The Trainer Group Photo

End of the day, the master trainer announces that everyone has passed the train the trainer program, we will only receive our official certificate from HRDF after a few weeks. Below is the train the trainer certificate I receive and TTT/24262 is my certificate number. Now I am officially a certified HRDF trainer, I am eligible to conduct corporate training with the topic of my expertise.

HRDF Train The Trainer Certification

The New Trainer Development Framework

Well, the train the trainer program and certification is straightforward at this moment, yet suppose this year 2020, HRDF will have a new development framework whereby the process will be different and the passing process will be more difficult to ensure the quality of the trainer. Because of MCO (Movement Control Order) this year, and such a pandemic moment, HRDF postpone the new trainer development framework to 2021.

Which mean who ever interested to become a certified HRDF trainer, you will still go through what I describe earlier, join the trainer the trainer program, a straightforward 5 day certification course, and next year will be a different story 🙂 Hope my sharing above guide you how to become a HRDF certified trainer, good luck for your trainer career.

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