I started my digital journey since 2007, that time commonly knowns as “Online Marketing” or “Internet Marketing” until lately “Digital Marketing” turn into a very fancy term in Digital world. Since I am a practitioner all this time, I always wish to share my experience and knowledge to my industries; Until 2018, I officially become a certified eUsahawan trainer from MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporate).

eusahawan train the trainer course

How To Become a Certified MDEC’s Trainer for eUsahawan Program?

At first, I have to submit my application as trainer since 2015 when I get to know MDEC have a program call eUsahawan course. It has been a long waiting time, sending several follow up to MDEC request for status and so on. On 2018, I was shortlisted and been invited to take part in the train the trainer program organize by MDEC and successfully become certified MDEC trainer for eUsahawan program.

In short, eUsahawan course is a Digital Marketing course, guide the public community either individual, house wife, small business owner to bring their business online by using the available digital platform. My role as a trainer from MDEC is to organize eUsahawan Course in Penang.

Topic such as fundamental of digital marketing, social media marketing (SMM), social media advertising (SMA), email marketing, website marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), is a very good digital marketing course for those who wish to learn digital transformation, this program also fully funded by MDEC.

eUsahawan Train The Trainer Program Penang

For my batch, approximate 20+ participant participate in eUsahawan train the trainer course in Penang, we enjoy 5 day training from the few experience master trainer. End of the session, we have a written test and partially of the participant successfully certified them self as eUsahawan trainer and eligible to conduct eUsahawan course for their community.

I am one of the success candidate and that how I become a MDEC trainer for eUsahawan program in 2018; officially certified as an eUsahawan trainer. Below is my certificate of completion as well as my badge as a trainer.

MDEC Train The Trainer Certification

eUsahawan Trainer Badge

eUsahawan Trainer from MDEC

After I certified as MDEC Trainer, I have organized total seven eUsahawan course in Penang at 2018, in collaboration with a training center name Info-Trek Penang and a co-working space name aCAT Penang, both of this organization sponsored venue for this eUsahawan program

While in 2019, I was invited as a speaker for “The Future Of Ecommerce for SMEs“, organize by CIMB and CIMB foundation to local SMEs in both Penang & Johor, follow by invite this SMEs’owner to join eUsahawan course, help them to bring their business online as well as digital transformation.

I am proud as a MDEC Trainer

Below several short videos we created during our eUsahawan course in Penang and Johor 2019. As a trainer from MDEC, I am proud to cultivate over 160+ entrepreneurs and share my knowledge & experience to them via eUsahawan program.

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in Info-Trek, Penang

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in The Venture Co-Working Space, Penang

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in Paperwalls Southkey, Johor

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in Iskandarspace Medini, Johor

Well, after becoming a MDEC trainer, eUsahawan course is a very good stepping stone for me to venture into training field, I started to built my trainer career and my next target is to become a HRDF trainer, also known as PSMB trainer or corporate trainer, where I can offered my digital marketing training to corporate user. Read more on my next post where I share how to become a HRDF certified trainer.

Anyway, if you looking for a MDEC Trainer either in Penang or any state in Malaysia, require digital marketing training or services, please do note hesitate to in touch with me 🙂

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