When you purchase Cisco Aironet Access point with CAPWAP feature (Controller Based), such as Air-AP1815I-K-K9, Air-AP1832I-K-K9, Air-AP1852I-K-K9, Air-AP2802I-K-K9, or Air-AP3802E-K-K9 and wish to convert it to Mobility Express. First, you need to get the latest firmware from software.cisco.com.

CAPWAP to Mobility Express

After login into your Aironet Access Point console, enable it

#show version //to check your current version. eg AP Running Image :

#capwap ap ip //Set an IP address to your CAPWAP AP

#show ip int br // to make sure your IP address is set

# ping //Make sure your TFTP Server is reachable.

# ap-type mobility-express tftp:// //ME File we download

If you found any error, you might need to upgrade your CAPWAP version to the latest first. One of the possibility is your current version less than 8.3 and you will need to upgrade to CAPWAP 8.3 or higher:

#ap-type mobility-express tftp:// //Upgrade from CAPWAP 8.2 to 8.5

#show version // now to check your current version after an upgrade. The version should be at AP Running Image :

How to convert Cisco CAPWAP to Mobility Express

# ap-type mobility-express tftp:// //run again this command to upgrade to ME

Note that with current Cisco Aironet 1800 Series, 2800 Series, 3800 Series, as long the SKU end with K9, it will be CAPWAP version (Lightweight AP or Controller Based AP), it need a controller, not able to standalone. To become a standalone access point, you need to convert CAPWAP to Mobility Express.

If you looking for standalone AP, or Mobility Express Version, do request SKU end with K9C, eg Air-AP1832I-K-K9C, it will come with mobility express firmware.