In this technology era, we started to discuss about visualization. Plenty of industries no longer purchase a server just to setup “a” server, usually the trend is purchase a server to host multiple virtual machine or we call it virtual server as well.

Take an example, an environment who own 3 to 4 server, maintaining each of this server is costly. Now a days, people tend to purchase a slightly powerful server or higher specification server, and convert all this 3 to 4 physical machine to virtual machine, place it into 1 physical machine.

physical to virtual

Plenty of IT get an idea that in order to convert Physical to Virtual (we call it P2V) must use SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager), while this software is not cheap. Take a look on How to P2V with SCVMM here.

FREE Tools from Microsoft to perform P2V

If you just looking to convert physical machine to virtual machine, without require the feature of SCVMM, you may save up the cost and using this FREE tools to P2V by using DISK2VHD

Yesterday, I receive a new notebook, and take a chance to test around this tools. The converting of P2V is not difficult, just launch Disk2vhd, and select the drive you want to convert to virtual. In my senario, I choose C: Drive, and stated my VHD file to store in D: Drive.


My C: Drive use space is approximate 73GB use space, while converting to Virtual took about 17 minute to complete. After done the convert of P2V, I check the VHDX file, it only took 34GB only 🙂

How to get this Microsoft free tools for P2V ? Check it out here on Disk2VHD .