In my country, we having movement control order (MCO) since 18th March 2020. As usual, I leverage on my “me time” (usually after 10pm) to explore more on Maxbounty, also a good time to explore how to make side hustle during lockdown. To be frank, I sign up Maxbounty for some time, yet I don’t really explore it. (I should do it earlier 🙂 )

How to make side hustle during ockdown

Well, I spend some time to check out their offer, manage to spot a few nice campaigns, promote i and make side hustle during lockdown period. I personally feel that you can make a good extra money if you can spot the right campaign.

In short, Maxbounty have a lot of CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) offer. For example sweepstakes, dating offer, health product such as keto, finance related such as loan, social security, hottest ecommerce product such as mask and so on. Your lead just require entering their email (simple as SOI or single opt in), or sign up for a free trial, you will easily make $1.2 to $4.8 each action. Some offer your lead not even require a purchase request a free gift and you will get paid.

If you wish to make some side hustle during this lock down period, try Maxbounty, sign up here:, a great CPA network  which allows you to make side hustle during MCO lockdown. If you want to know how much I make just on March it self? Checkout below video!

How to make side hustle during lockdown?

Maxbounty is difficult to get approval. Many people get rejected on their application. In my next video, I will guide you the right way to apply Maxbounty account, increase your chances to get approval! Stay tune!

Update: Following up video: 8 Tip to get approved in Maxbounty. Once you get approved, do ping me, let explore how to make side hustle during lockdown together.