Previously I have shared a video about how to make side hustle during lockdown? Here a second part of video share you tops to get approved in Maxbounty!

Tips To Get Approved in Maxbounty

I have also shared my referral link: (also consider an invitation link to Maxbounty). Now let me share with you a few tips to get approved in Maxbounty. Yet bear in mind this is not 100% approval method, Maxbounty will pre-screen your application first, once approved they will contact you for an interview.

Tips To Get Approved in Maxbounty

After you reach Maxbounty affiliate application page

  1. First tab. Account, you may skip it.
  2. Second tab, Basic info. Fill in your Name, Company Name if available, Password, click next.
  3. Third tab, Security. Choose your security question 1 and 2 and their respective answer and click next.
  4. Forth tab, Contact. Fill in your email, phone number (Maxbounty will call you if you pass this pre-screening application), time zone, and when come to “When can you be reached?“, supposing after choosing your time zone, by common sense we assume Maxbounty will call you based on your preferable time on your time zone, but this is not the case. Maxbounty will call you based on their US. time zone. Refer my video for full explanation. After that key in your skype ID, you may add your Maxbounty’s account manager Skype ID later and communicate with them for further advice. Lastly, on “How did you hear about Maxbounty” you can place my name as referral because my account already generate income and conversion to them, my account is considered a reputable account to them, I also believe using my referral link will bring you higher chance of approval.
  5. Fifth tab. Address. Fill in your address and click next.
  6. Sixth tab. Experiences. This is the last part, also consider most critical part!. What is your experience? I would recommend I have some experience and have received at last one payment before. Next, “Describe how your pass experience with Affiliate Marketing“, you may mention that you have makes some commission with HostGator, or receive a check with ClickBank or you promote WordPress themes like elegant themes and receive payment before. Next, “How do you intend to promote offer?” Just elaborate you will use advertising network such as Google ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, or kind of social media advertising such as Tik Tok Ads, reason because Maxbounty love affiliate marketer use paid advertising to promote their offer. Next, “What offer are you looking?” You may mention health-related product, dating product, sweepstakes, ecommerce product or single opt in or contest, it is up to your preference. Next, key in your URL where you plan to promote their offer, can be your blog URL. Finally one, “Is the account incentive traffic?“, I will put no, because not all offers in Maxbounty allow incentive traffic.
  7. Final tab. Terms. Accept all the terms and condition and submit your application.
  8. I miss out to mention this last step in my video. At your final page. there is an account manager name and skype ID, record this down and you may need to contact your account manager regarding your account approval status. (If you remember I mention before each of you will have an account manager who handling your Maxbounty account during my video at how to make side hustle during lockdown)

Hope you guys able to use this 8 tips to get approved in Maxbounty; once they approve, they (usually your account manager) will call you via phone for a phone interview.

Good luck for your Maxbounty application, do ping me once you get your account approval, I wish to cheers with you together.