Did you submit sitemap to microsoft webmaster tools , submit sitemap to MSN.com? or in the other word, submit sitemap to Live.com

When people talking on search engine (SE), the most 3 top search engine on the world will be Google, Yahoo, and Msn a.k.a Microsoft (Live). After get know how to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster, and submit feed to Yahoo Site Explorer, now I going to talk about how to submit sitemap to live.com (microsoft webmaster tools) or in another word, we said submit sitemap to MSN.com.

How to submit sitemap to Msn Webmaster Center?

1) sign in to Live Webmaster Center with your ID at http://webmaster.live.com/

2) Submit your website address, sitemap address and email address into the live search webmaster center

3) After submit, you require to do verification for your website, you can either choose verify your website via upload a xml file to the root folder, or adding a meta tag into your website index page. In this case, I choose upload the verification file into my root folder. After upload, you must able to access http://yourwebsite.com/LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml

4) Last step, click return to site list, you will see your website URL there, click on it to check on the verification (Just need few second, the verification will done)

After you click into the URL you will see which web page has been index, and how many web page has been index too. Also show the last crawled date.

base on the Microsoft webmaster center, you can found some related information such as, website crawl issue, back links, outbound links, and etc.

After I submit the website, I will wait for few week after, hope to see that more page get indexes from Live Search Spider.

This is the result after some 2 month

msn live webmaster center result

Hope you guys get a good traffic after submit your sitemap to live webmaster center. Have a nice try 😀