I just spend my Starbug RM10 coupon few week back, which redeem from HP Original Reward.

Few week back, I receive a call from HP customer service, a girl with a sweet voice told me that my HP original reward point in the account will be expired soon, and I need to redeem some thing to avoid the point be forfeited.

Nothing much I can exchange, I have a bout 35,000 point in there, and the best thing I can exchange is the KFC RM30 voucher with 11,000 point. So I one short exchange 3 slot, which mean spend about 33,000 point to exchange RM90 KFC voucher.

kfc voucher

What a suprice I receive it yesterday, and see the 9 pcs of RM10 voucher

hp kfc voucher

How i going to spend it ???

Bring some chick for meal… nah~… girl scare fat, KFC too oily…

Bring some dude… nah~… all have girl friend already, won’t come out with me… 🙁 who should I spend this voucher…

em… better spend for my parent… lol