Today again my boss ask me to drive down to perlis for Cat 6 cable testing that not yet finish started 3 week ago~ very tired~ just came back on Saturday with boss and today need to travel again.

Almost 3 week plus I without properly blog good article~ I hope my reader don’t disappointed. I promise soon will have more interested IT Engineer LIFE experience

Today, due to my sister wanna to use her SLK (Super Little Kancil) for new semester registration, so I have to drive my father OLD car,this car are older then me

According to my father, this car are bought during I born, 24 year ago, and this car are RE-CORN and send in Malaysia from Japan

During I drive at Highway, suddenly I heard noisy sound come out under my car. Vrooom …. I get shock and slow down~ Drive around 60 to 80 Km/J only. After stop at petrol station I found that engine no problem and only the exhaust break…




While I drive along the road, all people behind see me, no matter where I go, place for lunch or dinner, all people will be attracted by my car’s sound…

WOw, I am so proud to drive a NATURAL SPORT CAR no need to modify exhaust also have a great sound already