iCalvyn.com, this domain was born at 27th January 2007 and life on 30th March 2007 with my 1st post iCalvyn.com says HELLO to the World. Today, it was 3 month Anniversary.

On this few month time, I actually learn a lot of blogging techniques, get know a lot of bloggers, one of the blogger friend will be Johnathan – Serephangel who always keep contact with me, and also make some new friend at The Orient”s Voice(Season2) such as Criz and JiYuen who sit behind me.

Between that, I also make My 1st Online Income, although there was a small amount, this was the 1st step for me toward my Internet Life and to achieve “Internet is a gold mind” slogan.

My traffic and visitor also increase, really want to thank a lot for my reader “YOU”, but I need to maintain it, and it is really hard to achieve, so…. to my reader,


to see in my blog? so that I able to improve it, please drop me some comment

Update: iCalvyn.com had migrated to Calvyn.com at 2014 Oct 4th.