I have receive a email from the web hosting company, they inform me will migrate my website to another web server on 6th March 2009, 8pm.

The reason is because this web server have “inconsistency load“, and need to move my website to another web server.

So far this few week I did not encounter any problem on iCalvyn.com, do you? The loading are normal at my end, should be 99.99% uptime. I wonder why the hosting company going to migrate me out to other server.

Normally, a server migration process sure have some hickup, either website downtime, or setting issue like email unable to receive, plugin missing or so on. Hope this migration will be success and nothing happen over here.

If you found any downtime on iCalvyn.com, I will apologize for that, and hope you come back soon.


The Server migration has been finish within 2 hours, but it take me 10 to 12 hours downtime for iCalvyn.com, according to the web hosting company after they migrate, they pointed my A record to the wrong IP address, which suppose to pointed to the new server IP address before I change my domain dns. WTF!

After the server migration, is around 10PM, I found that my website unable to access, and email the technical support about this issue. When the next morning I wake up, I saw their reply “Every thing was fine at their end, might be my end DNS not yet resolve” Damm it!

I already know the problem is not that easy, so I immediate check my analytic, and found that the traffic are zero around that time, until the time I check, it is about 10 t0 12 hours no traffic into iCalvyn.com

I email the technical support, and they fix for me, and the reason is they pointed the A record to the wrong IP address. WTF!

I loss half of the traffic for that whole days, and missing half of my ads earning over there, whom going to bare? Are the webhosting company? 🙁