I had delivered a topic name “important of sales funnel during the WordPress Penang meetup few week ago. Yet I miss out to put in below example

Did you know that it cost McDonald’s $1.91 in advertising just to get you into the drive-through and, when they sell you a burger for $2.09, they’re only actually making just 18 cents, but when they upsell you fries in a coke for $1.77 more they make and more importantly they keep a $1.32 profit.

Yes, eight times the profit of the initial sale, it’s pretty cool don’t you think? But what does that have to do with you? Well if you’re like most people who sell stuff online, you set up a website and you started to sell your product, but just like McDonald’s even if people are buying it after your advertising costs, you’re probably not left enough to even cover your hosting bills, and that’s when you realize if you want to make money online, you can’t sell from a flat website, you need to do what McDonald’s did and set up the sales funnel.

Setup A Website As Sales Funnel

But instead of having people go through a drive-through window online, they go through a capture page; where you can gather their contact information and follow up with them through email, then instead of selling them a burger, you have a sales page created to sell your initial product, while you’re probably not going to offer your customers fries and a coke, you could upsell them on your other products and services.

Sales Funnel

This is what I call a sales funnel, where website visitors come in the top and cash comes out the bottom. You’ve seen it work in McDonald‘s and you’ve seen it work at Amazon and you know that it’s going to work for you too, so you decide to create your first sales funnel but after weeks of trial and error you ask yourself why does it have to be so hard, all he wanted to do was sell your stuff online but instead you spent weeks maybe even months playing with website builders hiring designers and programmers before you ever made your first penny online. To us well it seems kind of backwards shouldn’t there be an easy way to create high converting sales, marketing funnels without having to hire an entire staff.

Builderall 3.0 Logo

I thought so too and that’s why I introduce you Builderall, a simple way to easily create sales funnels that convert. Let me show you how it works first you pick which type of funnel you want to create, you can use Builderall to create an automated webinar funnel, a product launch funnel, a sales letter or sales video funnel. You can even use Builderall to build out membership sites, create landing pages to gather and convert leads. Builderall had approximate 30+ Digital Marketing Tool, is an All-in-one Business Tools nowadays.

Honestly, Builderall has funnels for almost any type of situation that you can dream up. If you have a business, the chances Builderall have a funnel that will work for you.

Now, step 1 is to choose the funnel type that you want from our professionally designed options, just click a button and the entire funnel is built for you in less than 10 seconds. every page every step everything.

Builderall HTML Editor

Then step 2 you click through and simply edit any elements of each of the pages in your funnel, you can change headlines, add in a sign-up or subscription form, add your videos, pictures and customize it to your heart’s content. No matter how hard you try it’s impossible to break one of our funnels and last just click on the publish button and your first funnel is live and ready to start making sales.

In case you were wondering? Yes, Builderall already integrates with your favourite autoresponder, shopping carts such as Magento and more.

Isn’t that awesome? Just imagine next time you have a great idea or you find a new product to sell, instead of spending days weeks or months trying to create the perfect funnel, with Builderall, you’re just a few clicks away from a professionally designed website marketing funnel, because Builderall, I believe that’s how it should be, so what are you waiting for let’s create your first funnel now you with the 7 day free trial <<