How you judge a website?
Just my 2 cent… when I visit some person’s blog or a website, I will see the Google Page Rank, and Alexa Rank, to ensure the particular website worth to spend time for reading.

For sure, content is King, is once of the important thing to attract more visitors. Other then PR and Alexa, feed count also play important role.

When you come to a blog/website, the feed count figure such as this 2 behind(left and right), will you feel confident with the content?

With the figure there, already stated the value of the website, and mean this amount of reader are actually reading what this website has publish.

Increase Feed Count, Increase Readers Confident
Do you agree? I am totally agree with this! I found that my feed count are keep on increasing when the figure there increase.

About last year November 07 , my feeds count around 49, and today, my feeds count are more then 100, I wish the figure can increase as time goes by.

How to put feed count and Email Subscriptions Form in your blog
If your blog did not have feeds count yet, why don’t make your self one. A lot people are blur with putting the feeds count, as well as me when I start blogging. To start this, logon in to

Feed Burner

Email Subscriptions Form
After sign in, click on your feed title, go to publicize tab, click on Email Subscriptions if you wish to put an email subscription box. When you are in this section, scroll down to the bottom, click “active“, copy the HTML code and paste it in your theme (wordpress) or paste it in a widge(Blogspot).

Feed Count
For this, almost same as above, at puclicize tab, click on Feed Count, scroll down to activate it, choose your display color, copy the HTML code and paste it in your theme (wordpress) or paste it in a widge(Blogspot).

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