Honda Concept M

As mention previously on Honda Concept M, currently Honda new Concept M is already out, with stylish new Modulo and Mugen body kits on the Accord, Civic and Jazz. Enjoy an irresistible stylish and enhanced driving experience. Because that’s what the ‘M’ in Concept M stands for – magnetism. Seize the opportunity to own one today, because these beauties are available only in limited units.

The new Honda Accord Concept M, Honda Civic Concept M and Honda Jazz Concept M are limited unit and unlimited appeal, here some photo on the car.

Honda Accord Concept M

Honda Accord Concept M with Modulo Kit:
Front grille
Trunk Spoiler
Door Visor
Illuminated side step

Ecotint window tinting

Grey stitching on leather seats
Garmin nuvi 3790

Available in Taffeta White

Honda Accord Concept M similar spect with Accord 2.4 VTi-L selling at RM176,800, additional RM5000 from Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L

honda Civic Concept M

Honda Civic Concept M with Mugen Kit:
Front under spoiler
Side under spoiler
Rear under spoiler
Rear wing

Ecotint windows tinting

Grey Sticthing on leader sea

Available in Taffeta White

After viewing the spect for Honda Civic Concept M, the specification is similar with normal Honda Civic 2.0S which selling at RM130,980, while Civic concept M selling at RM137,980, additional RM7000 for the body kit above.

Honda Jazz Concept M

Honda Jazz Concept M with Mugen Kit:
Front Aero Bumber
Side Spoiler
Rear under Spoiler
Rear Wing

Ecotint Window tinting

Available in Brilliant White Pearl

Honda Jazz Concept M, is consider another upgrade version on Jazz Grade V Pricing wise, Grade V is RM109,800 while Jazz Concept M is RM116,800, a different of RM7000.