Welcome, I am Calvyn Lee, Builderall Ambassador in Malaysia.

Thank for interested with Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program, I have prepared this 4-minute explanation video to explain how this affiliate marketing program works, how we leverage on Builderall by recommended digital marketing tools to people who need it and make recurring income online.

After you watch this video, do take a 7 Day Free Trial on Builderall <<  No Credit Card required. If you had any doubt or question about this affiliate program, anything about this Digital Marketing Tools Bundle. Do reach me at Facebook.com/FollowCalvyn.

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Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program Video Transcript:

You Are About To Discover One Of the Best Affiliate Programs On This Planet Earth.
Please Pay Close Attention To This Few Minute Video.

Introducing Builderall Affiliate Marketing System And How You Can Earn Affiliate Commissions By Promoting This Digital Marketing Bundle.

Hi, My Name Is Calvyn Lee, I’m A Certified Digital Marketing Trainer By A Government-Owned Agency Who Pioneer The Transformation Of Malaysia’s Digital Economy.

Apart From That, I Am Also An Affiliate Marketer Promoting Awesome Products To My Students & Audience Online.

I Promoted Builderall After I Used And Became Familiar In And Confident In The Product. And Now, I Join Builderall As An Ambassador, Leading A Team Of Affiliate Marketer Promote Builderall Together! In Fact, Builderall is Such An ALL IN ONE Tool That Has Made My Digital Marketing Journey A Smooth Sail.

In My View, Builderall Is Suitable For All Kinds Of Businesses Who Wish To Extend Their Online Presence, As Builderall Positions Itself As A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Tools Bundle.

At The Time Of Preparing This Presentation, Builderall Has 30+ Growing Tools. The Company Never Stops Adding More Apps In Its Toolset.

I Won’t Go Over Every Single One Of Them In This Video. I Will Leave It To You To Discover This Amazing Bundle. I Bet You Would Be Like Me. When You See The Tools, You Will Be Like A Kid In A Candy Store.

Let Me Share With You How You Can Earn Recurring Commissions By Promoting Builderall.
Builderall Has A Very Unique Affiliate Marketing System, Which Has A 3 Level Commission Structure.

Let Me Give You A Scenario.

Johnny Subscribe Premium Plan $69.90 Via Your Affiliate Link, You Will Earn 100% From His First Month Subscription. When Johnny Continues To Subscribe, You Will Earn $20/Month As Long As He Continues To Subscribe, Month After Month. You Will Earn $20 Recurring Month After Month, You Will Earn Recurring Commission For Life.

Amazing, Isn’t It? But Wait, That’s Just The Beginning.

Here Is What Gets Interesting.

When Johnny Recommends Builderall To His Friend Mary. Once Mary Subscribes The Premium Plan, Johnny Will Earn 100% From Mary 1st Month Subscription. In The Subsequent Months, Johnny Will Earn $20/Month Recurring and You Will Also Earn $5 Recurring As Level 1 Affiliate Marketer thereafter.

Well, That Not The End. You Will Also Earn $5 Recurring As Level 2 When Mary Introduce Her Friend To Use Builderall. That’s The Power Of Duplication.

As Time Goes By, When You Reach Higher Qualification Levels By Selling More Builderall Plans, The Higher Your Qualification Level, The Better Your Earnings. Example, You Will Earn $8 Recurring At All 3 Level Instead of $5. There Is Another Benefit Of This 3 Level Affiliate Program. What If Johnny Wish To Promote Builderall, Yet He Need Some Assistance, Will You Help Him? Of Course You Will Because Once Johnny Gets A Sales, You Will Earn Level 1 Recurring Right?

The Same Scenario Applies, If You Wish To Promote Builderall Now And You Need Some Assistance Such As Getting Traffic, Building Converting Sales Funnels, Or Deliver Coaching Or Training.

You May Count On Me To Ensure Your Success.

My Sponsor Helped Me Earlier And It’s My Turn To Pay It Forward And I’m Here To Help You Succeed.

You Won’t Find To Get This Kind Of Support From Any Affiliate Marketer In Any Other Affiliate Program. Yet With Builderall, The System Empowers Us To Pay It Forward. If You Wish To Have A Mentor To Guide You On Your Affiliate Marketing Journey, I Am Here To Assist You With Your Builderall Journey.

And I Am Confident To Say It Is The Right One For You. You May Reach Me At Facebook.com/FollowCalvyn or Click On Below Link

Do take a 7 Day Free Trial on Builderall <<  No Credit Card Required.

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