I seldom read books, and I never buy any books right after I graduate from university, yet I bought a book name Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson.

Basically, this book share that business nowadays must provide a value for your audience FREE of charge, and in return get some return from them either for a long run or in the future. For example a telco FREE a mobile phone for a user, in return tie a 12-month subscription plan from the user.

Well, based on the study, people will have an attitude that never takes action after learning from FREE as they feel nothing lost if they never execute what they had learned. What do you think? While based on my observation, it is kinda true! So are you sure you still want the FREE Digital Marketing Course? Or you are a person who prefers paid Digital Marketing Course?

List of FREE Digital Marketing Course

First, I would like to introduce you to Google Digital Garage. A place for you to learn new Digital Marketing skillset.

From this garage, you can learn fundamental of digital marketing, a 40 hours online course and gain your self a certification. Apart from this, you also get to learn a lot of courses such as “Get a business online”, “Make sure customer find you online”, “Promote your business with Online Advertising” and so on, all course is created by Google, total 20 courses at this moment.

Certification for Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Second, I had another 10 courses with 10 certifications of completion from eMarketing Institute. Basically, there is an eBook for each course, after complete study the eBook, you may proceed for a 50 question exam, once passed, you will gain a certification of completion. Best thing is all the courses and certification is completely FREE.

List of 10 FREE Course from eMarketing Institute

  • E-Commerce Course and Certification
  • Affiliate Marketing Course and Certification
  • Blogging Course and Certification
  • Content Marketing Course and Certification
  • Email Marketing Course and Certification
  • Online Marketing Course and Certification
  • SEO Certification Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course and Certification
  • Search Engine Marketing Course and Certification
  • Web Analytics Course and Certification

10 emarketing institute course

Third, a series of Bing Ads training available at Bing Ads Academy, you can learn Bing basic, campaign strategies, Bing’s blockbuster feature, Top tools for Bing ads in this academy. After going through all this training, you may proceed to an exam, passing the exam, you will be certified as Bing Ads Accredited Professional, an e-certification from Microsoft will be available for download section.

Forth, give me a break, I will definitely update more, I can’t wait to share more FREE Digital Marketing Course for you.

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