During the Wifi Treasure Hunt that I participate last week end, there are a station that located in a library. After answer the 1st question, we require to find a book in the book shelf which have a computer chip, after obtain the book, we need to scan it in the counter and the computer will display 10 person face for us with only 30 second. Too bad, I not even recognize who are them, and we require to write out their full name.

My team mate are recognize some of them, but not sure their name, and also bad luck, my modem no battery, if not, I can search it in Spock.com, this website is a directory of all famous people, any person you listed will be found there. Simply search “Bill Gates” and it will list out some picture and profile too

I going to sign up one and put my iCalvyn.com IT engineer‘s blog there, I may put my picture there too, not only IT engineer, System engineer, Software engineer, and Civil engineer too are able to search there.

This website very useful, even I search some famous blogger also available. and soon my profile will listed there too, hope to see yours too