Time pass very fast,few week ago I was register Microsoft Technical Event, Heroes happening at Penang, now the event finally finish last week end. Normally Microsoft will organize event at Hotel functional room, and always organize at E&O Hotel, Penang, but this time, may be budget constrain, they organize the event at Intel Auditorium

Intel PG12

As you know, Intel is a factory which produce processor, the Auditorium are better then I imagine, is very grand

intel auditorium

While registration, we receive a Microsoft Tech-Ed‘s Pen, and the heroes community strip

The Pen are not bad, 4 different color Pen, and the design are unique.

Tech ed pen

The Microsoft Technical Event cover few topic such as Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, and also Windows Server 2008. The most import content in this event was to announce what the special for this new version compare to the previous version (2005). I am only interested on Windows Server 2008 only, soon after I study more about it, will post up my opinion πŸ™‚

Other then this, 3 heroes from this 3 community (Mind, Span, Elite) are introducing them self and also introducing on what their community about.

At the end of this event, we need to fill up a survey form and while pass back to the organizer, they will give us a key chain as an appreciation token, is a Heroes {Community} Launch, the word can blink with some electronic device in there.

By the way, tomorrow I am invited to join another IBM event at Equatorial Hotel, hope can bring some information back here πŸ˜€