Last week, 8th Sept, Monday, I receive a parcel and found that there are moon cake in side. 4 pcs of Tai thing moon cake worth RM40++ nealy RM50 if include postage. Thank for Exabytes send moon cake to me.

I was curious! Did Exabytes send to all their client?

I meet Kai Loon over msn and he told me he receive the moon cake, but while I ask another friend Johnathan and DavidLee, they did not receive it. Weired πŸ™

After eating 2 pcs, I asking my mom remember to treat God eat on Chinese lunar 15th (14th Sept), which is the prayers for Mid-Autumn Festival. Wish God give my online earning can increase πŸ˜› and also my traffic will increase πŸ˜› also hope the website do not down πŸ˜›

We did not open the moon cake while prayers, but after the prayers, we open the packat, found that the moon cake fungus, or so call goes moldy or become mildewed.

Damm, See so many moldy on top of the moon cake…

Due to this is for prayers, I have to take off the moon cake skin, and eat the rest if the moon cake.

The expired date is 31st Oct 2008, and it can’t be so early goes moldy. Too bad, I don’t have receipt, if not sure will ask Tai Thong to replace me 1 Moon Cake πŸ™