There is many type of motorbike around the word, and the most common type in Malaysia is underbone or so call ‘kapchai’ in local language.

After I graduate from secondary school, my parent bought me an underbone (Model’s Kriss) from Modenas and I am riding it since 2001 until now. Kriss is always my best companion where ever I go, even I bought my 1st Car on 2009 my underbone still my primary transport.

Mini Naked
Few years back, I saw a mini naked bike, Kawasaki KSR110 around the road (Mean time I saw Momos Madass 125 as well), I like the KSR110 design very much but did’t really make any decision to purchase. Unfortunately this bike had come to end of sales lately and replace with Kawasaki Z125 pro. On last August, I went to bike shop to have a look on Z125 pro and sadly, I don’t really like the design.

I found her
Until beginning of this year, to be exact is 1st of Jan 2017, I was browsing during this holiday break and I found Benelli TNT 135, a mini naked bike which the outlook attracted on my 1st sight. After doing some research, I found that there is 3 model fall into this mini naked range. 1st is Honda MSX125, 2nd is Kawasaki Z125 Pro and 3rd is Benelli TNT 135, price from MYR 11k+, 10k+ and 8K+ respectively.

My purchase experience
By doing some comparison, I found that Benelli TNT 135 was more powerful compare with another 2 and pricing wise also the cheapest. So I search around for Benelli dealer in Penang, walk in those shop and look for the actual bike.

1st, I drop by the Jelutong’s dealer (H.B), this dealer was arrogant as per comment from most of the Penang biker, they give me an impression of ‘take it or leave it’. I try to nego, but the sales man said if other give you better price, you may go for others, and get ready to bare the negative consequences.

Next, I call the Air Itam’s dealer (T.C), a very friendly and humble sales man pick up this lead, give me valuable info and a very good offer. I decide to take with him, but found that the new batch of Benelli TNT 135 don’t come with the off-road helmet any more, so I had to pull back my purchase decision.

Lastly, I contact the dealer from Georgetown (H.M), walk in to nego; the boss very friendly, give me a great deal and 2 week later, I get the my 1st naked bike – Benelli Tornado Naked T 135.

My riding experience
All the while I am riding ‘kapchai’, basically all automatic and this my 1st time riding bike with clutch. During the 1st day I taking her out from the shop, I can’t really control well and give a proper revs up on the engine.

I also found some disadvantage or so call not practical setting during I explore this bike. Example the basic tools set, are screw underneath on 2nd seat, while I need to find my self an Allen key to open it. The basic tools set contain the Allen key as well, by right the Allen key should put by default underneath on 1st seat.

Today was my 3rd day owning Benelli TNT 135, I am still exploring this bike and hope I can find more useful info to share it here. If you also looking for Benelli Tornado Naked T, you may take a visit on Benelli Malaysia official website.

Some additional update:

As mention above, prior to purchase Benelli TNT 135, I am looking at Kawasaki Z125 Pro, this bike is offering 12 month + 12 month warranty, while TNT 135 only provide 12 month + extended 3 month warranty. This giving buyer less confident to purchase Benelli’s product.

Further update:
Benelli TNT 135 Fuel Consumption