Back to: My 1st Online Income, i have mention about Adbux, an online Advertising company which you will get paid to click on ads and visit websites.

Today, i receive a mail from paypal about to receive fund from I am so happy on my 2nd Online Income, althougt it was only USD13, but enough to pay my domain renew fees.

Screen shot below are from my PayPal account

Few week back i get approval from about my blog has been approve,… i try to find some advertiser to make a review, and i get an opurtunity last week, after that, i try to do some home work on my post, take some picture from my IT Officer life, and write the article.

I have submit the review on 30th June. After submit the post URL, it direct apear in “Complete Review” section in my SponsoredReview dashboard. Imediately i check on the “payment detail”. I saw “Next Payment Date: 07/02/07” and today when i check email, SponsoredReview are send me money at PayPal…

Is that easy? Yes it is… that why so many people blogging now! so do you want you can try to register your blog at or visit their blog