Back to my application on Cool Uni Pack few week ago, I have receive the wifi modem few days after I submit my application form. According to TM, my netbook will be arrive approximate 2 week later.

I have receive my netbook around 2 week plus as promise. A person call me up, said that will deliver my netbook at evening. After sign some document, I get my HP netbook already…

As usual, the netbook will come with few accessories

Charger, extra power cord and battery

Here is my netbook, it is very small and handy… no wonder people said MINI netbook.

Manual and CD sure will be include.

Unfortunately… 1 thing was missing, should said usually will come together when we purchase notebook. Guess what?

How can I carry when I bring my netbook out from my house? I need to headace to find a bag for it right now 🙁

When I power up
I found that the speed of loading is slightly slow compare to others laptop, no doubt, it is only atom processor…Only 1G RAM as well, and unable to upgrade.

When I access Internet
Found a bit slow on loading the page, and also downloading files. I have download the firefox browser installation file, the data transfer rate took averge 4kbps to 5kbps, on the other hand, I using my company notebook to download the same file, it took average 15kbps to download the file.

What I haven touch?
Actually I not really “deeply” touch and explore on this netbook due to the exam I face recently. Probably will explore more after this week.

The advantage for this netbook to me is I never have a chance to touch on Windows 7 yet 😀 Looking forward to try windows 7