Last month I was mentioning on Streamyx Student Package, and according to that blog post, I found that the latest offer does not include telephone rental (the information come from the TM help desk during I call up for enquiry) I believe the help desk does not have much product knowledge.

cool uni pack wifi modem

With the wrong information, I still feel worth to have a try, I proceed to TM counter to get the application form month ago. Last week, I went to my university office to have their official chop, and straight to the TM point on application for “Cool Uni Pack”. After waiting for 2 hour queue, I manage to pass up my application.

wifi modem for cool uni pack

During my application, the TM’s officer taken my student ID for photocopy. If your student ID has stated year of join, and it more then 2 year, hope they never realize, else you are not quality. After that the if TM’s office ask you what courses you taking, your answer must be “Diploma” or “Degree

riger wifi modem

As per understanding from the officer, the telephone rental are include, for my case, is call “Package migrate” (from Streamyx Combo 1 migrate to Cool Uni Pack), there are no termination on current plan or any downtime on my Internet connection. Just the fees is reduce from RM60 to RM38, and I will get a free riger wifi modem and HP netbook. Wonderful right?

Today, the TM related personnel (3rd party or TM’s contractor) call me up, asking for my IC through phone, and mention need my IC number in order to activate my new plan (change package). What a funny thing they does not have my IC! They mention TM does not provide them.

In the other hand, the related personnel also send the wifi modem to my house. Usually they will configure for you, but I request them just leave it, I will configure my self.

At the moment, I am waiting my HP netbook to be arrive, estimate within this 2 week time. If you are a student who qualify for this, don’t miss out the chance to apply this streamyx Cool Uni Pack student package.