1 month back when I meet a friend name Edison, he like photograph too, and have few time experience on wedding photograph. According to him, there are a place very nice for photo shooting at Penang, suitable for those pre-wedding photograph.

lake jungle beach

He describe that Place have a lake, just next to a seaside, also behind jungle. He said that 1 short can snap for have 3 subject. (Lake, Beach, Jungle). Well, he not really know how to go this place, because he went there once, and follow his friend.

When I looking some place to photograph at Penang, I search around wikimapia.com and found this place

No english description over there, just have a Chinese name, I was asking few friend, but non of them know this place. Look like I have explore this place soon, and let me be the 1st to put this pace on internet. but how to go this place?

Well, thank for wikimapia too, it shows the map for this place, if still don’t know how to go, may be can use Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device to visit this place.

Well, any Penangite, Who want to join me to explore this place?