Say Good Bye to Amour Anti Virus
Almost beginning of this month, my company Anti Virus was expired, and we need to renew. We are using Amour Anti virus previously, but this software, I rate it 2/10 only, because it not really efficient, unable to update from server, even stand alone PC also have to update it manually.

Rush for Quotation
At the mean time, I facing some problem in this renewing process. it is my mistake too. I realize the Anti virus going to expired on beginning of MAY 3 month ago, but i did not really record it down. Due to time pass very fast, 1 week before the expired only i realize. So i rush for new Anti virus quotation, because of the holiday on 1st and 2nd of May, the supplier delay to give me quotation.

New Antivirus
My self are not using Symantec, because I feel that it consume too much memory and will make my PC slow, but after consult with some IT Guys out there, they comment on Symantec Corporate Edition did not consume much memory, so i decided to take this one.

For this Symantec product, once order, it took 2 to 4 week time to process, it is definitely will come late, sure get screw up. For my IT experience, once  Anti Virus expired, the whole program is still able to run, but no more update (latest virus definition) for the product. After explain for my bosses, they did not buy my solution, may be not confident on my solution (i guess…), instead want the supplier to come install the new Anti Virus just after the expiry

New Solution
Again, another headache problem, my bosses did not accept the tempolary solution, so i just call my IT mentor, Mr.Vincent for help. After he explain for me the whole senario, then only i understand. This is also the advantage of Symantec, a loop hole for IT Officer.

Actual Situation After you order the product, and the license will delivered 2 to 4 week later, once get the CD, then only can install. You able to use the product serial number to register online, login to download the latest version of Anti Virus.

My Situation After i make order from my supplier, Mr.Vincent direct take his client Product Serial number to download a copy and come to my site install all the PC, update all are able to done. He said once the Symamtec personnel come to check the license, just show all the related information such as Quotation from supplier,Company Purchase Request, and Purchase Order document to them, this is legal although I did not get the license yet.

CD Media Arrive
3 week later after i make order, the CD media already arrive, it cost me MYR100 per set (Box of CD) and 2 pcs of paper (license) cost me MYR 6K++… I did not actually use the CD media also, because the whole company 60’s PC already install with it 3 week ago