I like to collect CD, especially original and genuine. After checking out from Wing Loon‘s blog regarding OpenSolaris last month, I do apply one for my self. Just same as ubuntu live cd that I apply quite some time ago.

This is the OpenSolaris life cd mail from San Francisco.


The CD is very nice, white color design and look simple

Here is the screenshoot on my screen after booting up the live CD

Just using the firefox, you can able to surf the Internet, other the browser, this OS also have some basic function, and software needed, such as paint and notepad.

This CD is a live CD, which mean no need to install to the hard drive, all the data are loaded (while booting) into your computer memory (RAM) and just run instantly. Any thing you save or setting made will be forfeited while you shutdown the system.

You may choose to install OpenSolaris permanently in to your hard drive.

For those SME company which just require word processing, spread sheet, and presentation function only, may consider to install this Operating System, and add in OpenOffice which is free also, to save all the software cost ๐Ÿ™‚

Consider to download? or get a free OpenSolaris CD.