Most of the webmaster out there always talk about Page Rank or PR, normally high Page Rank can monetize their website, example a PR5 website able to sell link, and even some one sell USD25 per month. More higher PR will be more expensive to sell link.

How to check your page rank?
Normally i just logon to to check Page Rank instantly.

  1. Logon to
  2. Click “Check page rank instantly”
  3. Key in the URL and click “check PR”
  4. The result will show as below

New Way to check PR
Checking PR at are too troblesome, now i found a better way to check the page PR without logon to PRChecker and key in the URL…

i have seen before a video tutorial at You tube, but cant recall which one, i remember that the web browser will show the PR of the current viewing page, so i just googling on “IE can view page rank”, the result fit my needs “Tools bar for IE” .

Google Toolsbar
After installing google tools bar, I can view the PR of the current page without checking on, this is very simple and easy job, well… install 1 for your self now. Download here

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