Was planning to visit fort conwallis at the pass week end, but no idea why they change their schedule, close at Sunday. A lot of tourist was asking us why in front of fort Cornwallis, and the most of them ending with “ridiculous“. Since was there, we walking around and the weather not so good. I just manage to shoot few nice photo that I feel satisfy on that day outing.

clock tower

Jubliee Clock Tower, was the  Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower build  since 1897, Jubliee clock tower located at the junction of Lebuh Light and Lebuh Pantai , this clock tower is sixty feet tall, and just located behind the road side.

Jubliee clock tower

Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower

Just manage to choose 4 photo out of 20+ shoot during that noon. The most I like is this at the bottom one. The color and the photo look like over sharp, i feel like a painting.

Penang clock tower

Last but not least, here is the map location for Jubliee Clock Tower, the Queen Victoria’s memorial clock tower map location

Jubliee Clock Tower map