Do you heard before


PenangFon or Penang Fiber Optic Network is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) special for Penang resident. At the moment, not all location available, only certain location have this service, mostly are apartment and condominium. For the price, cheaper then Streamyx and MaxisBB. Check out the Service Area and the Pricing or visit PenangFon Website

My 2 cent
I heard before some feed back on PenangFon from their end user, most of them thumb up. To bad my house don’t have this facility yet and have to use this stupid lousy Maxis. If comparing Penangfon with other service such as speed and price (Monthly fees,activation fees and installation) definitely non of other service provider (ISP) are their competitor.

Wifi Service Provider at My Company Using PenangFon
Recently a 3rd party ISP name Trident (IT Support Outsource Company) has installing WIFI service in my company. This service is for hotel guest use, and this 3rd party ISP are subscribe PenangFon Service.

Fiber Optic Installation process…
PenangFon suppose to install the Fiber Optic to my company on this Monday 16th July, but due to some reason, they has been delay on the installation work. According to once of my friend, an IT guy at Boon Siew Group (BSG), the delay is because PenangFon have another project on fiber optic installaton at BSG.

According to the Fiber Optic Technician, they are pulling the Fiber Optic cable from BSG to Cititel Hotel thought drain… OMG, do i heard wrong? This is what I have snap after they finish lay the fiber optic cable from PenangFon.

The black color water paip is the paiping for the Fiber Optic

It really from “Drain”!!! I was thinking how if the government have construction to expend the drain? This is really funny. but forgot about it, as long PenangFon can adjust it without my internet down time will do.

After pulling cable from outside into the building, at the end point of the fiber optic, they install a device call “WDM fiber Converter” and also a small rack to keep the fiber and converter.

PenangFon are using outdoor fiber, which is a black color jacket, that is the Fiber Optic pull from outside the building, and below the rack, have 1 white color paip, is the paiping of the black color fiber optic cable from outside the building.

Do you know how much the cost for this yellow Fiber Optic cable? approximate RM200++ for 3Meter. If compare to normal UTP cable, cheapest i can get RM3 for 3Meter Cat-5e cable…

This is the WDM Fiber Converter that cost the subscriber a lot, which is “Setup fee of RM800 (inclusive of Media Converter)” stated in price section in PenangFon website.

Now we are waiting for activation and a IP address from PenangFon, I really can’t wait to test out this 2Mbps high speed Fiber Optic Internet line from Penangfon…