Previously plan for Honda Civic at 2010, unfortunately, the sales man unable to provide me 2010 production before Chinese New Year(CNY), it only can deliver after CNY or probably March 2010, so I decide to get it now since they have 1 more extra while color Honda Civic at November.

civic taffeta white

My Honda Civic have arrive at last Thursday, 26th 2009, although it is 2009 production, but I don’t mind since I don’t plan to change car any more. A direct jump from 2 wheel open air sport car (my motorbike) to Honda Civic kind shock a lot people, and they keep asking me why I decide to buy such a expensive car? Why don’t want to buy house? Why paid RM114,980 for a car, can buy house with this price already?

Anyway, thank for the concern! I do have my own reason, no regret and I will have my house very soon too. Oh ya, let me introduce my darling here, her name is PJK5401, do said hi to her if you meet her on the road 😀

After getting my new Honda Civic, I need to help her shop for some accessories, such as anti thief device, seat cover, and some shampoo too. I also have another idea which is to install a GPS Tracking device, just for precaution, touch wood if she missing, I still able to find her back within a short time. After doing some research, this GPS tracking device not only for car, you can actually attach it with your valuable item, so that you able to find it back, attach with your pet or your children in case they lost their direction back home.