After get know the Wifi Signal Booster (DIY), u have the idea how to boost up your wifi signal… On the other hand, the signal receiver also very important.

Most of the laptop now a days already equipt with internal WIFI receiver, for this internal WIFI, i am still looking how to enhance the receiver. At the mean time, i found a PoorManWifi tutorial while i am googling on the DIY Wifi Booster.

  1. Get a checp Wifi USB adapter, if you have budget, get a better quality will be add advantage
  2. Get a parabolic cookware or any similar kind of bowl shape, and adding some hand made DIY
  3. Done, you will get some thing like mini satelite or so call “mini astro”, point to the direction of the Wifi signal comming from, or outside your house if the signal comming from your next door.

This picture shows that the result of the signal has been increase. probably you can try it out on your home

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