Below are the Google Analytic result that I obtain today, with the current result, it only shows 4th march as final, and for 5th march, the result are not yet final, possible will have more.

stumble result

I was too excited to show you all, the power of, and the power of the stumble exchange program.

2 days ago, I was writing about DreamHost web hosting, I have discover this topic, and submit to the for the stumble exchange… I make about 10 stumble exchange first, after saw all the stumble finish(within and hour), I submit another 10 stumble, all done it within 5 hours after discover.

As per stumbleUdon website mention

For maximum results, the URL must be new to StumbleUpon.
Which means: it was “discovered” within the last few hours and has not received any stumbles.
A fresh URL with 20 stumbles will perform better than an old URL with 50 stumbles.

I have follow their algorithms, and gain the above traffic result. But this traffic does mean will be permanent, πŸ™ if your article are not good enough, and no other visitor stumble it, Possiblilty your article to be appear are less when million of user click stumble out there.