My Company new Wireless Service Provider
Last month, my company have sign contract with a new Wireless Service Provider, at begining of this month the New Service Provider has start their installation work such as lay trunking, UTP Cat-5 cable, switches, access point(AP) along the whole building.

How many AP install
In this building, there are 19th floor and each floor some has maximum 3 Access Point(AP) and some has minimum 2 Access Point(AP), on the function room’s floor, there was 5 AP, and 6 AP at the lobby and Cafe. Approximate 50s AP in the whole building

How the AP Operate?
All the AP need power to operate, they install those AP on top of the celling along corridor, it is hard to provide electrict on the celling, engineering people need to lay power cable, sure will bring alot of troble to them. So how the AP going to function without electrict point near by?

With Using POE function
I never heard before POE, and never heard before this concept, it is awesome when i understand this POE after googling it. The i also realise how our home telefon set no need power also able to function, the telefon not only a medium to transmit our voice, it also function as POE, but i don’t what the technology call.

Power over Ethernet or PoE
technology describes a system to transmit electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard twisted-pair cable in an Ethernet network. This technology is useful for powering IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, webcams, Ethernet hubs, embedded computers, and other appliances where it would be inconvenient, expensive (mains wiring must often be done by qualified and\or licensed electricians for legal or insurance reasons) or infeasible to supply power separately. The technology is somewhat comparable to POTS telephones, which also receive power and data (although analog) through the same cable. It works with an unmodified Ethernet cabling infrastructure.

My Current Wifi Service provider also using this POE technology.
During the installation job, i went up to the celling and found few unit of Dlink AP, there was a low quality AP, that why make alot of connection problem and guest are complaining on the low signal. Some of the AP are not function and they did not come to replace.

I found the POE device attach along the AP, here is how the POE device look like.

and the diagram that draw by my self (Literbit ugly), shows how the device link together.

After finishing the ugly diagram, i found another better diagram and more understandable. Damm, waste my time