Everything can have a budget solution, using poor man method, everything can be DIY (Do it Yourself), such as the poor man wifi that I mention a long time ago. Even POE, Power over Ethernet Injector and splitter also can be DIY.

DIY POE Injector

Here have a video tutorial on Do It Yourself POE Injector

What do you need to DIY POE Injector?

  1. Power Jack
  2. Cat5e (RJ45) Crimp head
  3. Cat5e wire
  4. Cat5e Keystone Jack

Color Code that must be followed when creating DIY POE Injector

  1. pin 1 orange white
  2. pin 2 orange
  3. pin 3 green white
  4. pin 4 blue (positive wire)
  5. pin 5 blue-white (positive wire)
  6. pin 6 green
  7. pin 7 brown white (negative wire)
  8. pin 8 brown(negative wire)

My Advice on DIY POE Injector:
Please make sure you had done enough research and also have basic knowledge of electrical + Cat5e color code design before you DIY your own POE Injector.

Once the positive and negative wire put in the wrong place, your device might shock or expose.

Coming Up Soon:

With the above information, pin 4 and 5 attach with positive wire, and pin 7 and 8 attach with negative wire? Does this really correct? I will come out a research and experiment to prove out on the correct wiring on Power Over Ethernet injector that supply the power over which cable. So, stay tuned.

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