Proton is the Malaysia local brand for auto industry, Proton Inspira, the new Proton’s product that claimed to be the most anticipated car in years will be launched on 10th November 2010. Whoever that has a chance to glance on its photo will know that it is similar to Mitsubishi Lancer GT, another Lancer in Proton growing history. Somehow, it is selling at a much lower price range from RM79,888 to RM95,000.


proton inspira

According to Proton, Proton Inspira is under collaboration with Mitsubishi Motor Corp. of Japan. But, what is the difference between Proton Inspira and Mitsubishi Lancer then? After the retuning by Lotus on the suspension setup, will it be better? Or it is just another compromisation for the difference on pricing.

black inspira

However, for those who cannot afford for a real Mitsubishi Lancer which will cost you about RM120,980, this could be a solution or choice for you. The Inspira is available in 1.8 litre CVT (Continously Variable Transmission) and manual transmission as well as a 2-litre CVT transmission. One point to praise on the Inspira is the interior design, it does look luxurious in the photos. It even has a LCD that the original Mitsubishi Lancer does not have.

Proton is confident with this new car. Consumer, are you confident with Proton quality? With this price, one could get a nice Honda City or Toyota Vios. At least, the confidence levels for these cars are better. What do you think?

All the doubt is yet to be answered. Let’s see what Proton has to say about this new baby of them tomorrow.

For those who like to modify car, and would like to modify Proton Inspira to become Lancer Evo, remember to modify the petrol hole, Inspira petrol hole is round one, while Evo Lancer is square one!

In my opinion, if you support local product, probably can consider Proton Inspira, since Inspira is almost same level with Mitshumithi Lancer, it above Toyota Vios and Honda City already, almost can compete with my Civic 1.8