Since I get my Candy bar last year, I only load few ring tone into my cell phone, and set the Sony Erricson ring tone as default ring tone and did not change until now. My friend said I am bored, always using the same ring tone.

For me, I already use to hear this ring tone, even other people phone rang with the same ring tone behind me, I take pick up my phone. haha!

Last time I use to change ringtone frequencely, I download Mp3, and cut it my self with adobe software. I do download ringtone from few website, which is a ringtone sharing website.

Recently I found a ringtones website, which is consider very new, I try to access it with my cell phone, but seen like not supported my area, you might have a try on this, just key in your cell phone number and hit “contnue to step 2”. Make sure you are 18 year old to participate, if not, you require to get permission from your parent for the fees charges.

Other then ring tones, this website also offer a lot multimedia content such as wallpapers and games. Games is the most entertaining tools for youngster to spend their times 🙂