sell at facebook

A lot of business, no matter big or small, mostly involve in facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is much more effective compare to other marketing channel, the benefit for facebook marketing that I like most is low cost and able to reach more people directly. A lot of successful story and campaign at facebook prove that facebook is a good martketing channel.

During the social media coffee talk that I participate few month ago, the experct mention a lot of small business, either selling Men and women cloth, lingeries, watches or fashion accessories at facebook, they predict one day facebook might take action on this kind of account. What action will it be?

Risk of selling at facebook:
Have you ever think before what will happen if one day Facebook come out new policy which is “Not allow to post your product in Facebook” or “No selling in Facebook“? If you have to stop all your selling activity, or your Facebook account has been blocked. Are you going to lost all your contact and customer here?

A lot of people realized that this issue might happen one day, so they tried to prevent from losing their business at facebook. one of the easiest way is to setup their business using own website, build their brand using Facebook. As they known, it’s better to allow their customer to place order at their business website than Facebook.

If one day bad thing happen here, their customer still able to find them at their website. From there, you also can build better customer loyalty which can bring long term sales and higher sales volume.

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