What is OEM Software?
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that the original software are come with the new set of machine.

vista oem

What different between OEM or not OEM?
OEM license are not transferable to other machine, only the particular machine are allow to use it. For non OEM software, license are allow to transfer.

Pricing ($$$) will be different too, if your machine did not come with OEM software, you need to puchase extra license, the cost will be higher.

Example a set of PC cost $2000, too add on OEM operating system (OS), cost you additional $300, If you buy separately, the OS will cost you around $500.

Windows VistaNew OEM Vista, make PC slow
Now a days, if you buy a branded PC or laptop, such as Compaq, Dell, HP… The machine will come with original OS, which is OEM version.

For windows Vista, mosly it will be slow, the reason is the PC has been preinstall a lot of unnessery software. To speed up your Vista, once of the tips is to re-format it manually without using the recovery disk.

You need a pcs of Windows Vista CD, manually download the driver from website too. My company recently bought a laptop for me, is original OEM windows vista. I personally feel that it was slow, and I try to re-format it.

With using the Vista CD that I obtain from Microsoft Training previously, I manage to format it. This is the 1st time I installing Windows Vista. I also using Format Your PC Less then 10 Minute to clone my whole Windows Vista