Honestly, I am a traffic freak who very fever on Search Engine (SE) traffic.

People said

No matter black cat or white cat, as long can catch mouse is a good cat.

For me,

No matter is Big Search Engine or Small Search Engine, new or old, famous or non famous, as long can bring me traffic is a GOOD Search Engine.


Recently I come across this new Search Engine name BING.com; this SE belong to Microsoft, basically the algorithm are almost same with their others SE, such as live.com and msn.com. (I guess).

A lot of blogger blog about this Search Engine, but non of them show how to submit your website to this Bing.com Search Engine… Well,without talking much, let this Malaysia LIFE Tech Blog show you what is call LIFE blogging 😛

Here the URL you need.


Ok, without talking much, lets submit our website togetgher. If you feel not enough to submit only for 1 Search Engine, here have a list of major search engine in the world. Let Submit URL to Search Engine.