Search Engine give me a constant traffic, before I start on how to submit website to search engine manually, let review back my experience on submiting my sitemap to search engine,  after I have submit sitemap to Google, submit feed to Yahoo SiteExplore, also submit sitemap to Msn Live Webmaster Center, the traffic increase time to time.

I found that google spider come to my website 3 time a month (March08) and my google traffic raise from 30/days to 100/days on that month. Now, google come to crawl my website when I make a new post. Traffic raise to 600-800/days ( statistic at November 2008), and 1000-1200/days (statistic at March 2009)

If you would like to have natural traffic (organic traffic) from search engine, 1st you need to let search engine know your website. Basically, you need to submit your URL to Search Engine, also your sitemap, this is the few main search engine on the world, just use the link below to submit your website to search engine

Add Your URL to Google:

Add Your URL to Yahoo: (Require Login)

Add Your URL to Yahoo Site Explorer:

Add Your URL to

Add Your URL to

Other then this, there are a lot search engine out there, to fully optimize & publicize your website, here have a list of search engine link that you can add your website to…age=about&…l?Mode=AnonAdd…pl?NAVG=AddURL…er.php?ref=sub…2fDefault.aspx…rch/signup.cgi…ddurl.cgi?cid=…iteprofile.cgi…/Basic_Submit/…action=showadd…ement=add_site…service=submit…ction=add_site…ction=add_site…ction=add_site…ction=add_site…ction=add_site…ction=add_site