TERA , is another name of Category 7A cable. As you has seen the video on how to terminate category 7a cable, in my previous post.

Day 1
Yesterday noon, I went to Osram, for a real Tera Termination. Since lack of Man power, and I need to go alone, this opportunity is a good experience for me.

The Osram IT’s guys was curious on my ability and ask can I do it alone?… lol

Osram Penang

When go in to the server room, quite cold, 2 big size air condition in there, 24 hour operate, just like a frozen room. Lucky I do bring jacket ๐Ÿ˜›

All the material are already there, such as the TERA connector, Patch Panel and patch cord. Cable are ready lay in the rack and my job is just do termination and install the patch panel into the rack.

Tera Connector

Does you know how much does this Tera connector (category 7a) worth? According to my sales, 1 pcs of connector cost us MYR50 (approximate $16). This is our cost, and I do not know how much they charge to client

Tera Connector

Another question ๐Ÿ™‚ How much does you feel this Patch Panel cost? The look is very grand,coating with metallic and very shining. I guess if I made a custom one like this is less then MYR50, but according my sales, this pcs of iron cost us MYR250 (approximate $80)

Last but no least, another expensive tools for this Tera permination process, can you guess again the price of this cutter (yellow) and the small pcs of plastic, we call it “dice” (red) ? It worth MYR200++… lol ๐Ÿ˜€

Without this “dice” we are unable to estimate the cable to be terminate. You can found how it use on my previous post on how to terminate category 7a cable

Due to Osram employee don’t OT pay(over time) if work after working hour. So I need to stop my job about 5pm and continue today.

Day 2
Todays more fun, I have a student, I call him “ah neh” (indian :รž) He is very expert in Category 5e and Category 6a cable and connector, but does not touch before Category 7a or TERA cable, so I become Master of TERA today…. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

Ah Neh was fixing the face plate and the connector, and I was fixing all the patch panel. Here is my 1st experience for terminating TERA Category 7a patch panel. Total 15 connector, and I do help ah neh to fix 4 face plate.

Tera Patch Panel

At the end, we screw the patch panel into the rack and tie all the cable nicely. That all, job done, time to send DO (delivery oder) and Invoice to the IT personnel. Cheer~