I still remember about 15 years ago, people using big size cell phone,  as time goes by, the cell phone design to become smaller and smaller, but few years back, cell phone again design to become bigger size again due to require bigger LCD display screen.

SLR Camera

Trend always change time by time; long time ago when Digital Camera introduce to the world, the size are consider big, with using Compact Flash (CF) card and Smart Media card (SM); as time goes by, the size design to become smaller, and using Secure Digital Card (SD). Again, within this few years, Digital Single Lens Reflect (DSLR) camera has became cheaper and cheaper, and most of the people afford to own it.

as people said

Throw a stone to a group of people, sure will hit 1 Degree holder

as iCalvyn said

Throw a stone to a group of people, sure will hit 1 DSLR holder

2 week ago, there are a flora fest at Penang Botanical Garden and ton of people holding DSLR camera shooting over there, and my friend told me that seem like not flora fest, should be DSLR holder fest.

Yesterday I visit a shopping mall, and the mall having transformer models road show over there, a lot of people holder SLR Digital Cameras and keep on shooting the models. I hang around the shopping mall about half days, no matter where I went, I saw people holding DLSR camera.

canon 450d

In my opinion, people no longer going to buy compact digital camera, mostly will goes for SLR Digital Cameras because the price is almost same with normal compact digital camera and the advantage is more function and changeable lens.

If you planning to buy a DLSR cameras, probably you can consider nikon d90, is the enhancement model from my nikon D80. if you have extra budget, optional, probably you can get a flat panel tvs to view the photo you taken. It will bring you much more satisfaction for the photo you shoot.