Now a days blogger become more and more, every one also have their own web 2.0 blog, even the politician are involve in blog. Most people started with free platform such as and, and slowly migrate to self hosted website and own a domain name soon.

Most of the people are very headache when come to choosing a good web hosting, there are a lot different web hosting, no matter is local or over sea. One of the good way is search for web hosting reviews over search engine, you might get a lot of review over there.

For my own opinion, if your target audience are come from local, try to host your website locally, and if the target audience all over the world, try to host your website over US or any country that able to provide a high speed boardband for the server. I hosted my blog at local, but will change to US server soon, since most of my visitor are come from US, Canada and Europe, and I do own a reseller hosting account which the server loacated at US.

I do own a web hosting business, but I did not seriously promote this business yet, I am still in develope my buisness website, and learn as more as I can before start to promote the business, I do search web hosting articles over the Internet and learn a lot from there, such as the type of hosting and also some case study, also see other people experience over forum. If any one would like to involve in more professionalism, self hosted your own website, the basic package cost about less then MYR100, which contain 1G space and 10G bandwidth. Interested may drop me a msg, since you are the reader here, I might offer you some extra upgrade 🙂 more information may visit my hosting website