Just finish a Microsoft webinar discussing about How Microsoft Expand your Business Horizons with office 365. End of this session, there is a contest getting participant to write in “what you love about Office 365“. Since I had long time not putting my self some effort to blog, so I decided to draft out my understanding on O365 and  what I love about it, more information about Office 365 Subscription vs Microsoft Office Licencing can refer my previous blog post.

Microsoft Office 365

I love Microsoft Office 365 because it have multiple reason for me to choose it and multiple justification for me to convince my customer to choose it.

First of all, customer not require to pay a huge licensing price upfront compare to purchase Microsoft office open license, they just pay a small amount for month subscription only, and this can reduce their company capital expenditure, and convert it to operation expenditure. For finance point of view, it will be a very strong convincing point.

Secondly customer can have latest update of Office version without require to purchase new version, unlike conventional Microsoft office open license, to enjoy new version, customer have to purchase a new license.

Thirdly, most of us now a day have multiple devices, either for business or personal usage, with Microsoft office 365, each customer can install a copy in multiple devices without require to pay additional license, example mobile phone, laptop, desktop, tablet and etc

Forth, customer can access the work file online with one drive, anywhere, any place as long with Internet connection, this increase greater productivity and have single source of truth, if you edit or make changes to the document, other colleague view the document will see the latest update document.

Fifth, from IT/MIS perspective, it is more easy to control in term of security update and back end system upgrade will be done all by Microsoft;

Lastly, customer not require to invest infrastructure such as Microsoft exchange server  or Lync server and maintain all licensing as well as security product such as deploy strong firewall on premise, they can enjoy peace of mind when using Microsoft Office 365.