Started a few years ago, many people saw many opportunities popping up in digital marketing. To begin entry into these fields. You need to understand what exactly digital marketing was and what was so great about it?

what is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

First, we know digital marketing is a form of marketing strategies which you can advertise to people digitally.

Digital marketing leverage on different channels such as

  • Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Websites (Business website, ecommerce website, marketplace)
  • Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
  • Emails
  • Mobile Application

It will give marketers (us) the opportunity to interact with, understand our audience better and to increase trust in our brand.

Digital Marketing would also show marketer’s marketing campaign to people based on their actions and preferences on the internet. Being less expensive compare to traditional form of advertising.

How Digital Marketing Works?

After understanding the key concept of digital marketing, you realized there was more to digital marketing than you initially thought.

There are also many types of digital marketing, for example:

Once we understand those types of digital marketing, we can set up our marketing campaign for our business (example our ecommerce business) based on several marketing strategies mention above.

types of digital marketing

Content Marketing

First, we can leverage on content marketing;

We can come up with creating content like blog, video, infographic, webinar, white paper and case studies so that we can generate audience interest on our brand, product or services.

Search Engine Optimization

Next, we need SEO; we want our audience to see our content.

First step we do some keyword research, create content on specific keyword, that will be relevant to the target audience.

Second, we make optimization on the website, and look for creditable website linking back to our content; after a while, our website ranks on the first page of the search result.

With continue optimization, we can continue to improve the ranking and ultimately make the website ranking at the 1st position in search engine.

This is how we use SEO to reach more target audience without spending a single cent.

Pay Per Click

Third, we can drive traffic to our website via advertisement; for this, we have to pay certain advertising cost each time our ads been click.

We can have text ads that show up in search engine result or image ads and video ads that show up in other website.

This is by leveraging Pay per click, some call it as Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

Website Marketing

Website marketing is the use of websites to promote a product or service. Website marketing can be through the use of sales funnels or ecommerce platform.

The traffic you generate via other digital marketing channel, can put them into a sales funnel. The sales funnel will convert the traffic into leads, which then can be converted into sales.

While ecommerce, you can sell your product and services on your website, the customer can check out, and you may offer upsell or down sell to the customer.

Social Media Marketing

However, to reach a larger audience, we need to tap into social media platform;

We can use social media platform such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to advertise our brand content.

Usually we leverage this types of digital marketing platform to advertise the brand product or services via post, image, video, to bring out the brand story, then engage with the audience who spend a lot of time in social media.

Same like PPC, we can leverage on the social media platform to advertise the brand product with text, image, video ads which need to be paid for, this will be social media marketing.

Email Marketing

We also realize that the enormous amount of audience wasn’t visiting our website for second time;

We need to keep them engage, nurture them, to make sure they purchase the product or services. How can we do so?

For all this, we can send them email, help them better understand the product they visited on the website (let visitor opt in) and assist them in the buying process.

We can also send email to advertise our product and services to potential customer. That is the benefit of email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Finally, although we could grow the brand funnels by using all the above marketing strategies, we want to have more traffic from 3rd party website,

This can achieve via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a powerful strategy where your product will be promoted without a cost.

Affiliate marketer will promote the brand and the product to their audience for fees, with a help of email sign up, registration, conversion, subscription and ect.

What Next?

After setting up all the marketing strategies, as mentioned above, we had the hardest part of the process to get through. Let’s wait!

Now as we wait for the results.

Although we have to work very hard for each of this form of digital marketing, we might only have moderate success; this is when we realize we need to gain more knowledge on digital marketing and experience.

So I would recommend you to take some courses and get certified, either refer to the list of free digital marketing course.

Or if you have some budget to invest for a better training session, join my digital marketing course, you will get the skill and training you need to become an expert digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Course

Now you know what is digital marketing, several types of digital marketing you can use and how digital marketing works? Do You know where you are now?

1 more pro tips for you!

If you are a business owner and found that digital marketing is difficult for you, you wish to focus on your sales and traditional marketing, you may hire a digital marketing agency.