New Backup Exec 16 FP1 had improved on cloud, enhanced usability and configuration, support for new cloud vendors, azure marketplace availability, amazon s3-ia support for secure, offsite protection

Improved user experience with Cloud Connector
Cloud configuration is made simpler with easier workflows which allows direct backup to cloud with one single click. Also, Backup Exec now provides an intuitive list of cloud providers from which you can select one.

Tuning the Cloud Connectors in your environment
New Global settings to configure the read and write connection to a cloud storage device.

New Cloud Storage Summary report
Helps administrators to analyze the amount of data that is being backed up to and restored from the cloud provider’s buckets/container.

Improved clarity of cloud storage device properties
Improved cloud storage device properties facilitate better understanding allowing users to quickly find and configure cloud storage properties.

Support of Infrequent Access Storage tier for Amazon S3
To improve the economy of cloud data storage, Backup Exec now supports the following tiers for Amazon S3 CLoud Storage, Standard and Standard_IA (Infrequent Access)

Support for new private cloud-based storage providers
Backup Exec broadens cloud storage choices through support for more private providers, enabling greater flexibility and economy: Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) & RedHat Ceph Storage

The new Backup Exec 16 also work with Cloud giant like Mirosoft Azure, Backup Exec available in Azure Marketplace , apart from this it also work with Microsoft StorSimple as backup target.

NEW on Backup Exec 16 ! Recovery Ready feature

Validates the integrity of a protected VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine backup. The validation job runs tests and ensures that the virtual machine and its data can be reliably recovered if necessary.

  • Helps IT operations smooth recovery in the event of data loss
  • Ensures the VM is recoverable before the backup sets are moved offsite
  • Disaster recovery readiness to validate recovery SLA & auditing requirements

Enhanced resiliency for Instant Recovery

  • Enhanced resiliency increases the data and application availability of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines that have been Instantly Restored.
  • Improves business continuity in case the Backup Exec server or the VMware or the Hyper-V server must be restarted. As soon as the restart ¡s complete or network reconnected, virtual machines restored with the “Instant Recovery” feature are brought back online automatically.

If you interested with Backup Exec 16, you may download and evaluating Backup Exec 16 free for 60 Days.