Since 2014, Google webmaster blog had mention HTTPS as a ranking signal, but during that time, to enable HTTPS, we need to install SSL certificate on our website and it is costly especially for those non-profit generating website such as personal blog, small business website.

https and ssl

Yet, now a day, a lot of web hosting’s cpanel, come with FREE SSL services, such as Let’s Encrypt SSL and some cpanel come with Auto SSL as well, which is very easy for a website owner to enable https on the website.

free ssl in cpanel

So Why Website need https?

Not only google giving hints as website’s search engine optimization tips, the SSL issuer giant such as Symantec and comodo also quoted the same message to the public that a website needs https (possible they leveraging the news for upselling, who knows right?), yet, still a lot of SEO gurus, consultant, practitioner share their speculation toward this topic.

https is important apart from ranking signal!

Apart from possibility get rank higher by the search engine, https is encrypting the data you (as webmaster) or any of your visitors insert into the website. Example, as webmaster, we always login into our back end and manage our website, during we key in our username and password, this data are encrypted and send to our web server for processing. Without https, do you know your username and password possible been sniff by hackers? Don’t you think https is important now?

 Do you know that Cloudflare also offers SSL protection free of charge, allow you to https on a website with just a few clicks?

I will try to compile a step by step how to enable Cloudflare SSL soon.

Case Study
I had inform a friend to turn on https around June 2018, according to the analytics, start July, his traffic increase tremendously. He is also install Google Adsense in his website all the time, and can hit a maxiumum of $300 USD per day after he turn on https in his website. How cool it is for this passive income?