Why Upgrade to Cisco Catalyst 9200

The upgrade for the Cisco Catalyst 2960X and XR is here (Cisco 2960x replacement model), the catalyst 9200 series switches, the catalyst 9000 families of switches are the fastest ramping products in Cisco history, the catalyst 9200 switches extend the power of intent-based networking to a broader scale of deployments, catalyst 9200 series switches offer simplicity without compromise, delivering twice the performance for similar cost of the catalyst 2960X or XR series, these switches offer best-in-class security, with all the trustworthy solutions included in the 2960X and XR

cisco catalyst 9000 family

In addition, you get macsec-128 encryption across links, macro and micro-segmentation and full netflow support, all anchored by Cisco Talos. Catalyst 9200 series switches provide enterprise level resiliency to keep your network always on, with FRU power supplies and fans, modular uplink options, cold patching, perpetual POE, and the industry’s highest mean time between failures.

Simplify network provisioning with a web UI that cuts work time down from hours to minutes, the UADP ASIC provides access to new innovation without replacing the switch and using Cisco IOS XE, you can now have a common OS across all switching routing and wireless devices.

The 9200 will work with Cisco DNA Center, this gives you out-of-the-box upgrades in security resiliency and programmability regardless of where you are in the intent-based networking journey, the catalyst 9200 series is a clear advancement and networking innovation, that will give you what you need now as well as investment protection for what may come in the future. To learn more go to www.cisco.com/go/cat9200 to download the datasheet and see for yourself.


Why Upgrade to Cisco Catalyst 9600

Most people don’t think about the network engineer as the hero, here at Cisco, you know you’re the one that keeps things run, so that CEOs can get ahead of their markets, so that hospital staff can stay in constant communication, so the travellers can get to their destinations, for 20 years Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches have been the powerhouse of campus networks, the upgrade is finally here.

The Cisco catalyst 9600 series switch, will be the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series replacement, built from the ground up to support the intent-based network, it delivers the core density you want in a multi-domain campus screen, fully featured this is the switch to deploy in a most critical campus environment, offering scale and security when the liability is a must.

Users today expect a seamless wireless experience, but our network heroes now it takes a lot of wires to enable the wireless environment, the catalyst 9600 is purpose-built for software-defined networks, giving you the ability to drive your entire network from a single pane of glass, give all of your device’s data communications and applications secure with the industry’s most comprehensive built-in security features.

With an open and programmable system architecture powered by Cisco UADP 3.0 ASIC and Cisco IOS XE, it’ll be on the leading edge of innovation for decades to come, upgrade now the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Visit www.cisco.com/go/cat9600 for more detail and datasheet