As we know LinkedIn no longer a resume site anymore, it becomes a social media platform for professional. Today, I want to share you 3 quick LinkedIn marketing tips for why you should be promoting your business on LinkedIn. I have to admit, I never quite understood the LinkedIn concept, but as I’ve discovered how it really works, I realize that they’re is a ton of business to be made on LinkedIn.

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Today I want to give you a quick few LinkedIn marketing tips why you have to use this tool for your business. If you miss my previous LinkedIn marketing’s articles how to get prospect’s email and send them cold email? (here you go: How To Scrape LinkedIn Email) I have also updated the 2nd method using a plugin name Prospect Role.

Reason #1: Linked In has the highest earnings average compared to every other Social Media Site.

Research shows of the 3 Social Media Sites that most of us frequent, here is the average earnings per social media site:

  • Twitter ($58,000-69,000)
  • Facebook ($61,000 – 81,000)
  • LinkedIn ($89,000 – $140,000)

This is obviously the overall earnings when doing the average annual salary for the users. But the bottom line is that LinkedIn members have the higher level of disposable income, which means they have a greater capability to invest in different business ventures and partnerships, if they feel compelled to. Hence, if you also in B2B, LinkedIn have a bunch of prospect for you.

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Reason #2: LinkedIn is the most Professional Social Media Network Out there.

If you’re looking to build a solid business with serious people, and those that have the “mindset” to succeed, LinkedIn is where it’s at.  However, you can’t plunge into the site and begin spamming people in hopes of them taking you seriously.  You have to prove your value and worth as well, and show them that you’re someone that you’re worthy of a business partnership!

If you want to stop dealing with tire kickers and wanna-be’s… then you need to begin focusing on building quality relationships with business professionals on LinkedIn.

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Reason #3: High Interaction amongst LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are the secret weapon to building relationships. You’re able to take part in discussions, share professional and high-quality feedback, connect with potential prospects directly, and share any links or relative information that you feel the audience can use that will make them take you more seriously.

LinkedIn groups have a pretty high interaction rate as opposed to Facebook’s groups.  FB groups have become the spamming epicenter where people just come to post but they don’t come to participate.  When it comes to LinkedIn, people are actively engaged in conversation, connecting and contributing in a way that genuine relationships can be established.

As you can see, there are obviously many more reason why I’d suggest you use LinkedIn for your business, but to give you a step-by-step guide on how to actually use LinkedIn, I’ve put together a training for you that will walk you through and show you the way.

LinkedIn course is one of my training roadmap. It will become part of my social media marketing course soon, or perhaps a basic individual LinkedIn marketing course guide you the basic, how to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile including optimization.

If you have LinkedIn’s account, connect with me, Calvyn Lee.